…starts now!!!

Yes! You heard that right! From now on, I will be steaming real healthy good food. For now, I am not decided yet if I am gonna open a small venture for this. But what’s sure for now is for me to serve home-made steamed foods for my little man since my hubby is not home yet.

3-layer 40cm food steamer

For this week’s ‘What’s steaming?’ in my kitchen, I am planning to steam a banana cake. Maybe you all are questioning yourself now whether is it possible to steam a banana cake or loaf because what we usually do is to bake. But since I do not have an oven to bake all the cakes I am longing to serve in my table, I better have them steamed then.

Guys, just watch out my upcoming posts for my steamed banana loaf, or maybe yet, banana cake. Happy eating guys!

Best Foods on Rainy Days

In this rainy season in the country, where we are experiencing typhoons in this very days, it is best to prepare hot foods in our every table. And here below are just some of the best foods which we Filipinos are used to offer in our table.

1. Congee. Filipinos loved to eat congees of different flavors, seasonings added with lots of herbs. This actually what I also loved to prepare as this is what my family especially my little man loves to eat also. And his favorite one is the hearty chicken liver congee. Even my hubby loved to have a bowl or two of this while reading a newspaper or just simply listening to the falling raindrops.

Best Foods during Rainy Days Congee


2. Noodle Soup. Noodle soup is almost always the easiest one to prepare. You only need the noodles itself and any seasoning and herbs to flavor. One can also add boiled meat. But for me, I loved the noodle soup that is spicy. I usually am having a bowl of this while doing online stuff – having to read full review of anything to read on, while waiting for the rain to stop.

Best Foods during Rainy Days Noodles


These are just two of the best foods we loved to prepare on this rainy days in the Philippines. But I will also add more on this, just check out my next posts.

Happy National Donut Day 2015

It’s National Donut Day 2015 today and it’s so good to grab those free donuts from every Donut stores. Smiley But sad to say, the Donut shops in the country is not offering free donuts. How I wish they also offer free donuts.

Happy National Donut Day 2015

Anyway, these are following Donut shops in the United States which offers free Donut goodies today as we are celebrating National Donut Day 2015.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Doughnut Plant NYC
  • Entenmann’s
  • Cumberland Farms
  • Fractured Prune Doughnuts
  • LaMar’s Donuts

Enjoy your free Donuts guys!

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National Beer Day 2015

It’s good to sometimes have a sip of a glass of beer from our table. So in this National Beer Day 2015 celebration, it is, I guess another day to grab our mugs of beer at home and celebrate with us.

National Beer Day

National Beer Day 2015

Today’s celebration is not really that familiar and most-celebrated here in the Philippines but somehow, to those who knew, it is not bad to join the world in this celebration. I actually have seen and known a few who celebrate this awesome event. In fact while I was browsing online for musical instruments from here, I was able to bump into a blog of a friend who just shared how they started the day with a bang of glasses of beer.

So guys, just a reminder, you can enjoy the rest of the day but of course, drinking beer must be of moderation. Happy National Beer Day again!

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