Cake Tasting for Zach’s 3rd Birthday Cake, Paw Patrol Birthday Cake

After sporting for the best 3rd birthday boy cake ideas for more than 2 weeks, I finally come up with a great cake design. But actually, it wasn’t my choice but my son’s. Of course, I do not want to choose the theme and motif for his birthday because I want him to decide according to what he wants and likes since it is his birthday that we will be celebrating. I want him to get more excited that I could imagine and the most memorable one to date for him.

Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Ideas for Boys

My little man chose Paw Patrol, specifically Chase, the paw patrol character on the top-most of his cake. This is his fave cartoon show this time. So once he gets decided, I immediately contacted my good friend who has cake business. There after, she invited me for a cake tasting afternoon for me to decide which would be the best cake to choose for my cake order.

Upon entering the shop, which actually was my first time ever, I was welcomed by a very tempting near-to-real yamaha psr piano keyboard cake. The store attendant noticed me getting hooked at the cake, she explained that it was an order by a girlfriend of a pianist whom her boyfriend will be celebrating birthday on that day. I just told myself to get back in my kitchen and start baking again.

Moreover, the cake tasting session we had was great. I had my perfect choice of cake, which my son also loved forkful of it.

Just so hoping that our cake order will come out real cute like the image above.

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3rd Birthday Boy Cake Ideas

My little Zach will be celebrating his 3rd year of bountiful life in a span of 10 days now. But up until now, I do not exactly know how will I arrange and make his 3rd birthday cake a presentable and accordingly.

I know he has a lot of things wanting to have right now. I am actually torn between an ocean of ideas. But can you guys give me some hint on which is which?

Is this number 3 cake-designed runway with cars above it a great idea?

3rd Birthday Boy Cake Idea

What about the one like here below? A round cake with a gliding-like runway from the uppermost part of the cake downward.

3rd Birthday Boy Cake Ideas

Or perhaps a combined idea of a cartoon character in a number 3-shaped cake?

3rd Birthday Boy Cake Ideas

I and my family decided to go cake house hopping this morning thinking if we can get the best idea. But to our surprise, we end up looking for a speaker set and a karaoke machine at home. I even hopped to another music store looking for Pioneer DJ Equipment.

We all just looked at each other — staring one another like reading each mind blaming each one that we didn’t able to look for cake ideas but rather musical instruments.

***All images above are not mine; lifted from

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Where to EAT after retirement?

Many used to celebrate every 15th and 30th of the month as their salary came in.It has become a routine for every workers in the country. But what if you are going to receive your retirement finances, how are you going to celebrate then? Will you prepare for a really sumptuous dinner or so with the family? Where will you eat then? Or should I ask where are you going to spend your retirement funds?

Reverse Mortgage

The best thing to do to plan for your retirement finances is to seek advise from a reverse mortgage specialist. Of course, it is not bad to eat where you want to eat as long as you have the moderation and consideration of your health status and as well as of your finances.

Perfect Restaurant Ambience

Are you happen to plan for the perfect dinner for your loved ones, or perhaps, with the coming Fathers’ day celebration, for your husband, daddy or uncle? If so, how do you prefer it to be? Will it be just at home or in a restaurant that you have hadn’t been before? If you chose the latter, how will you choose the perfect restaurant ambience then?

Perfect Restaurant AmbienceImage from

If you’re going to ask me, I want the technologically-advanced restaurant. Although it seemed rare in the country to find one, I wish I could found and visit one here. What I mean with technologically-advanced restaurant is that the restaurant must be utilizing the advent of technology in its utmost role. Every client might simply be just clicking the menu and after minutes, there you go, your ordered food are served. Aside from that, if you wish to listen to music while dining, a list of songs from a screen near your table using a music app like abelton push from guitar centers, which plays music with perfect tunes, will sure to be served best for you.

That is the perfect restaurant ambience I want to experience. What about you?