National Beer Day 2015

It’s good to sometimes have a sip of a glass of beer from our table. So in this National Beer Day 2015 celebration, it is, I guess another day to grab our mugs of beer at home and celebrate with us.

National Beer Day

National Beer Day 2015

Today’s celebration is not really that familiar and most-celebrated here in the Philippines but somehow, to those who knew, it is not bad to join the world in this celebration. I actually have seen and known a few who celebrate this awesome event. In fact while I was browsing online for musical instruments from here, I was able to bump into a blog of a friend who just shared how they started the day with a bang of glasses of beer.

So guys, just a reminder, you can enjoy the rest of the day but of course, drinking beer must be of moderation. Happy National Beer Day again!

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Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits

Being me so paranoid and itching on how to dissolve this stone I have in my right kidney, I kept on lurking for the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. And these below were what I found.

Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits

I am in my more or less a week of apple cider vinegar regime now. And I am still hoping that this little stone in my right kidney will be eliminated soon.

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Class Reunion Food Choices

I am not used to join nor attend class reunions or gatherings ever since. But this time around, I am somehow forced to attend because I was tasked to prepare for the food to be served on the said event.

Gagay Dinampo Class Reunion

But I do not know what to prepare because I am not informed of the food preferences of my classmates. Of course, when we were still in high school and elementary, those were the times that we were not picky of the foods. But now, I am pretty sure one is not allowed to have spoonful of some foods. Isn’t it?

I actually tried to ask some of my classmates before what they want but they just let me decide then. And what they even suggested and talked about was the class rings high school years — I mean, during our high school years which I wasn’t informed of the updates. But I guess that will be tackled then during the coming reunion.

Hopefully I can make this food preparation deliciously as I could.

Apple Cider Vinegar

 I have mentioned in my other blog — health blog, that I underwent a lower abdominal ultrasound and an incidental findings of kidney stone was seen in my right kidney.

Knowing that fact, I was looking for an organic way to dissolve the kidney stones. What I stumbled upon was about Apple Cider Vinegar’s benefits in dissolving kidney stones.

Gagay Dinampo Apple Cider Vinegar

There are actually a lot of forums saying these and that regarding the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar in dissolving kidney stones. There are also a number of mixtures and solutions being shared making available on the internet but I am in doubt which one is really effective.

So now, what I just tried is the simplest mixture yet. A glass of water, an amount of apple cider vinegar and some part of honey to consume in 6 hours. I tried this for 3 days now. And honestly, I haven’t seen or felt, should I say, any changes yet. Or maybe I need to lengthen my patience to wait for the effects then.