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One of the most common leafy vegetables in the Philippines is Alugbati.


Alugbati is also called Malabar Night Shade in English and Basella rubra Linn., its scientific name. It is considered one of the most common leafy vegetables because it can grow in any areas; be it settled or cultivated or even in hedges. In the country, it is a good substitute to spinach.

Alugbati is a succulent leafy vegetable. It is a herbaceous vine when it grows with a twining stem that usually reaches several meters in length. Varieties of Alugbati is identified according to the stem color which usually are either green or purple. Its leaves are fleshy and heart-shaped with a pointed tip.


Gulay means vegetable in the Philippines. And saying “Oh Gosh” is like how you are amazed and surprised with the wonders – facts, health benefits and other information, each Gulay can give when one eats it. These basically the purpose of this blog, –  to give wondrous factual information about vegetables.

Expect great information about vegetables or GULAY in!

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