Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I have hard time thinking of any “O” words from the local dialect. Good enough that my classmate and also a housemate reminded me earlier about our Otan dishes last Sunday during my love’s birthday surprise dinner. Smiley

Otan means Gulay or Vegie dishes in Cebuano or Visaya. So here’s some Otan for you guys!

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11 Responses
  1. Caroline says:

    I dnt really like vegie dish! but then i like it for my salad. xD

  2. Caroline says:

    im going to love the first pic cz i saw my fav brocoli there!! :D:D

  3. chef me says:

    Paborit jud naku ng otan. Lami na kay pampa-healthy sa lawas. Lamia sad anang imohang otan diha gay oi, gutomon man sad tag pinakalit! LOL.

    Mao pud ni akong O nga hulagways:
    Orasan ug Okra
    Kitakits sa akong mga payag! πŸ™‚ Salamat!

  4. i love chopsuey!! the one from gerry’s grill is so good too.

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