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  1. imriz2 says:

    hmmm, sarap isuot…ay…kainin pala ^_^. very creative naman ng cake na yan:)

    have a happy week, girl

  2. imriz2 says:

    check me out here, too…thanks.

  3. bluedreamer says:

    ang cute naman nito haha

  4. Pinx says:

    hi gay, i miss visiting exhibits in Ayala! miss na nako ang Cebu jud…when pa kaya ko kabalik laag oi… now that the baby is here…samot katanggong sa balay… puede ra man unta dalikyaton ang Cebu kay 2 hours lang man via fast craft… haaay! soon! molaag jud ko balik diha, December pa ko last nakalaag Ayala. anyways, visit ko sa imong GM entry! mine is up na pud!

  5. ahahaha..ka cute ba sa muffin, unsa na suoton o kaonon nyahahaha…

    ug kanang cake, unsa man na dulaan o kaonon…ka unique ba ug mga designs ana Gay. heheeh

  6. Mom's Place says:

    murag pang display lang na Gay..dili para kaonon kay sayang ang designs…hehehe…Happy GM

  7. zoan says:

    makakain din yung heels?ehehe visiting you from Green Monday πŸ™‚

    mine is up here:

  8. lovely Gay.. sayanga ana kaonon oi… hahaha… laagi ko bi… πŸ™‚ visitng for RHM. πŸ™‚

  9. Chie says:

    wow! i want to have that high-heeled sandal muffin for my b-day this Dec.

    ang gara ng mga cakes

  10. wena says:

    ang ganda, totoong heels ba yun? hehehe

  11. Jessica says:

    looks delicious Gagay, loved the heels on top of the cake too. Dropping by for RHM. Please drop me a line at

  12. yannie says:

    Edible step-in… I love it.. and the cake too…

  13. MOmmy Jes says:

    wow so nice!! love the designs!!!



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  14. so yummy, i love cakes, oh cakes. Thanks for sharing!

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