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Seafood Mixed in Malunggay Canton

One Thursday noon, I and my classmate, Ernhez, had a time to dine out in Savory Restaurant. We’re actually getting very hungry that time and since when we check and found out Savory has no crowding people there, we just opt to have had a seat there.

Healthy foods, undoubtedly, are what each of us are always wanting to gulp. Upon looking at the menu of the said restaurant, Malunggay Canton is looking yummy, healthy and very delicious. With no hesitations, we immediately ordered one serving for the two of us.

Seafood Mixed Vegetable in Malunggay Canton
My classmate is not picky in terms of foodies for as long as it’s looking clean and well-prepared. But me, I honestly share, I am very choosy and much moody in all of my food tastes even at home. This actually one reason why my classmate just allow me to choose any food that was good tasting and inviting in my eyes.

Actually, for the two of us, it was the very first time to see a Malunggay Canton. The canton strips itself are looking so weird, though. It’s not the usually yellowish whitish color hues of any cantons but a greenish brownish with dark green dots on it. According to one of the restaurant’s crews, the greenish blackish dots are some parts of the pounded Malunggay leaves to powdery texture.

Nonetheless, the canton was really really mouth-watering.

Malunggay Canton
Malunggay Canton
Happy Healthy and Yummy Sunday everyone!

Banana Leaf Plates

I love to dine out! Aside from the fact of having a lot of choices of foods when dining out, it’s hassle-less for me in preparing foods and keeping the kitchen in place after eating.

One of the restaurant that I keep on coming back just to eat is the Banana Leaf in Ayala Center Cebu. Their food are really like strangers to hear but when tried and tasted, very delicious.

But as much as my tummy calls, I still can’t eat rightfully using the literal banana leaf when eating.

Banana Leaf PlateMy classmate eating using banana leaf as plate

Though using the real literal banana leaf as a plate is very economical and environment-friendly, I guess, I still am feeling awkward using it.

Nevertheless, banana leaf foodies are really yummy!

Mandarin Tea Garden Taosi Chicken Feet

Since I can’t pork and beef, every time we go out, I and my classmates in medical school, I have nothing to order but chicken, fish and vegie menu. But since I’m full with vegies and fishes the past week, on Friday, I ordered Taosi Chicken Feet in Mandarin Tea Garden of SM City Cebu during our dine out session with some classmates.

Taosi Chicken Feet

This, actually, is my entry for Yummy Sunday! Have a great week ahead guys!