Thai Roti at Blue Elephant

When I and Ernhez attended the Cebu International Travel and Expo 2011 at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino here in Cebu City on July 23, 2011, we had a chance to dine at The Walk in I.T. Park just more or less 200 meters away from the hotel. As I have said before, I am very picky with regards to food, so I was the one who chose where to dine. That time, I was actually craving for Thai Foods and since Ernhez haven’t tried eating at The Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant there, I just brought him there.

Aside from the meal dishes that we ordered, I also ordered Thai Roti to let Ernhez try this foodie also. This is not my first time to eat Roti, though.

When eating Roti, I want it to be tasting sweet yet spicy and salty. So aside from the peanut roti sauce served by the restaurant, I also asked for a sweetened milk from them. That was just to add some more yumminess to the roti.

Have you tried Roti already? Share your stories too!

Happy and Yummy Sunday everyone!

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13 Responses
  1. genefaith says:

    Yes, I love roti!!! Here in thailand they have numerous roti menu and i love the crunchy roti tissue:) If you have time you can visit here to peek other kinds of roti.

    Happy Yummy Sunday!

  2. Pinx says:

    i haven’t tried roti gay but would love to! if moanha ko, mangaon ta diha…ahihihihi…

  3. Vhen says:

    anu yung roti? hehehe.. haven’t tried that one yet kasi.. well, maybe someday:)

    happy YS!

  4. Visiting from Yummy Sunday.

    Yumyum. I ♥ roti!

  5. cheerful says:

    hi gagay, that looks yummy and interesting…tried indian-style roti and its yummy, but havn’t had the thai one…hope soon! visiting from YS, have a great week. πŸ™‚

  6. Jessica says:

    looks yummy sis, it looks exotic, visiting from ys, hope you can visit me back here

    sis j

  7. i have tried roti when I was in Thailand and I love it.

  8. ahmee says:

    hala kalami ani…pwede rako ani nga food…salamat sa bisita gagay…laag rako balik diri sa imo latest entry sa yummy ha… did you see my new entry this week?

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