PR 2 in Less than 3 Months

In the past few days, I didn’t check my online stuffs like my blogs, facebook and my emails. Just this morning, when I tried visiting all my blogs, I was almost to jump so high seeing my blog with a dazzling yummy page rank of 2. That’s really a ‘yay!‘. Smiley
I didn’t expect this page rank to rise from 0 to 2 in just less than 3 months. I started actively blogging with my vegetables on the 25th of May. Yet, it is still the 5th of August. Having this page rank increase is something to be thankful of!

Thank you so much Mr. G for this page rank! Hope you won’t get this back away from me. LOL!

Off course, having a higher PR would mean higher privileges to receive flooding love. With that, I could even save for my pre-planned vacation with my mom abroad. In fact, as early as now, she has already been looking online Deals on Cheap Package Holidays. Hopefully, we can pursue that vacation travel before the year ends. I still am crossing my fingers to that!

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