Salted Eggs with Tomatoes

One of foods that I love to prepare at home is the ‘Salted Eggs with Tomatoes‘. It’s very hassle-free! All you need to have are the salted eggs from the supermarket and tomatoes. Nothing else, but you can also add some spices if you like.

Would you like to know how I prepared this? LOL!

I peeled the egg, off course, and sliced it as well as the tomatoes. Did you get it? Haha! So easy, right?

However, this kind of food, I mean, the salted egg, is not that very good to prepare during holidays, as what my sister shared. Eating eggs in more than once in a week ain’t good at all. It’s cholesterol, after all.

Talking about holidays, August 2011 has a lot of holidays to celebrate. Off course, it doesn’t have any classes, why not celebrate then. Even how hectic to think my schedules are, thinking of any holidays, for as long it doesn’t have classes, it would still be considered the Best Last Minute Holidays I could have. LOL!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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