Sashimi in Legazpi City

Last year, October 2010, I, my mum, my cousin and aunt, had a chance to have a quick vacation, if one week could still be considered a quick vacation, in Bicol Region, Philippines. We were able to tour, actually, from Southern Luzon driving to Camarines Sur. That was indeed a very fun and enjoyable trip!

And off course, let’s not forget about the foods that we enjoyed. However, I don’t think I could post all of the foodies, delicacies, of Bicolanos (people from Bicol) since most of their foods are porky. LOL! But I will try.

For the mean time, I’d like to share here a Sashimi which we ate in Gerry’s Grill in Legazpi City. This is not the first time I ate this food. But comparing to other Gerry’s Grill restaurants, the one that we have had tried in Legazpi City was much more mouth-watering.

I forgot what kind of fish was that, hehe, but when it was served to us, it was really looking fresh and scrumptious. Since I am not very expert in preparing this such appetizing food, I let my aunt do the stuff. She added vinegar, some chilli liquid sauce (which is very common in all Bicol foodies) and some other spices.

After a minute of mixing and doing the final food taste-test, pak!, I was really the very first one to grab the spoon and tried some. That was really yummy!

Above is my mum holding the plate of Sashimi.

My next post which is still related to our Bicol Region post will be about one of the delicacies in Bicol. Can you guess what would it be? Smiley

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  1. weeeh! sashimi! yum2x. lahi2 diay ug lasa ang ubang gerry’s grill? hmmm. i wonder.

    • Admin says:

      lahi lahi dae! sa akong experience eating same food like sashimi from different places in the country, different mn ang presentation nila sa food ug preparation..lahi lahi pod ang sahog..for example sa Bicol, mas maanghang ug mas lahi ang pampaanghang compared sa gerry’s grill sa cebu nga sashimi! off course, ila jud butangan ug “tatak” nga pang ila nga lugar ang ila food! same with other foods like ang Bicol express nga gikan jud sa Bicol really tastes far different from Bicol express nga gihimu ra ngari sa Cebu!

  2. Pinx says:

    Gerry’s Grill is our favorite restaurant baya diri sa Bohol gay! i always their sashimi and their veggie rice!

  3. Mirage says:

    looking at the texture, it’s salmon but the color is definitely that of a tuna unless it has already been flavored with soy sauce or chili sauce. πŸ˜‰

    But I think gerry’s only server tuna sashimi so that’s either the oriental or spicy ;D Either way, I bet it’s yummy, I can eat sashimi 24/7 if not for the risk lol! Enjoy sis!

  4. wow, kalami ani Gay.. murag dugay nako wa ka kakaon ug sashimi da… makaorder nga.. hahah.. labay ko for TT.. see you πŸ™‚

  5. May sashimi pala sa Gerry’s Grill. Since it’s dark meat, I am guessing it’s made of tuna. Though it is the first time a hearing of sashimi dip with vinegar. Or nasanay lang ako with soy sauce, calamansi and chili sauce.

    Visiting via Tuesday Travels.

  6. Tsang says:

    Kadaghan ba sa lamiang mga foodies sa atua sa, haay maka mingaw

  7. imriz says:

    yey! thumbs up for gerry’sgrill:) though, i must admit im not a fan of sashimis:)

  8. Rcel says:

    Laagan kaayo mo gay! uban ko bi! LOL. grabe enjoy kaayo si mother nimo with the menu o! πŸ˜€

    Tuesday Travels visiting! My share this week is a story of THREE STARVING INDIVIDUALS HITTING THE the Asian Buffet. Lol. I hope you can come and visit me, too! πŸ™‚

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