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A Love Affair with Chocolates

It is very rare to meet a person who is not a fan or has never tried a bite of chocolate. You’ll often wonder why it seems hard to resist that bar of milk chocolate that is sitting on your table. There’s something about chocolates that could make anyone fall crazy in love with it.

Aside from the scientific explanation about its ingredients, here are some common reasons why chocolates are a top favorite:

  1. It provides comfort especially if you are feeling, tired, lonely and stressed out. A bite could easily change your down mood into a happy one.  Chocolates are perfect for almost every occasion. It doesn’t matter if you are out celebrating or trying to brighten your day, chocolates could be your best meal companion.
  2. Chocolates are not bad at all. It is when you consume an unreasonable amount everyday that makes it a health risk. Some people think that chocolates are unhealthy. It only becomes unhealthy if you don’t know how to eat in moderation. Dark chocolates are known for its components that can help reduce the risk of heart attack and cancer. It won’t hurt to have a small piece, just don’t finish the whole pack on one seating.
  3. Your choices are endless! Go to your favorite grocery shop and you’ll find a wide selection of different types of chocolates.

Add to all these, is the fact that chocolates could also make as great gifts. If you know someone who is a chocolate fanatic, you might want to buy a box of their favorite treats.

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Four Season Shake at Pino Inasal and Filipino Cuisine

It’s been a while since I have blogged about some drinks here. The last one was about the absolutely green distilled drinking water. So today, I am sharing you here the yummy delicious four season shake which I have tried at Pino Inasal and Filipino cuisine in Robinson Cybergate, Cebu City.

Aside from the fact that this shake, this drink, is very healthy to try to, it’s really tasty too.

Happy yummy Sunday everyone!

Max’s Restaurant’s Sizzling Tofu

Max’s Restaurant has been one of my top chosen restaurants in the country. They never failed to serve me yummy foodies from every branches they have that I’ve tried dining at – be it at SM Mall of Asia, SM Cebu City, Ayala Mall of Cebu and more.

Here below is another food from Max’s Restaurant that made me going back at their shop the past days.

This is the Max’s Restaurant’s Sizzling Tofu. This is made of tofu chopped into cubes with onions, red and green bell peppers. What makes this more tastier is the special sauce, accordingly, that was topped with chilis.

This is really a mouth-watering one!

Junior Master Chef, Pinoy Edition

I am very envious with those little kids joining in Junior Master Chef, Pinoy Edition, a reality TV show in one of the biggest media company in the Philippines.

In this show, and as the name of the show says so, the kids are trained to be one of the junior master chef in the country. They are tasked to cook for this and that. Amazingly, they really cook and do well in the kitchen.

Well, this show is still on its early episodes. I should expect more yummy goodie foodies from those kids.