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Saluyot, also called Jute in English, which has the scientific name of Corchurus olitorius L, is a leafy green vegetable which is very common in the Philippines.

SaluyotSaluyot (image from

Saluyot is an erect, annual shrub which usually grows up to 2 meters high. Its leaves are ovate with toothed margins. And has flowers, with yellow petals, that are solitary and fruits that contain black seeds.

Being so common in the country, it only proves that this green leafy vegetable can grow in a wide range of soil and environmental conditions. It can grow in a wet land, with loamy soil having a pH range of 4.5 to 8.0. However, it grows better in a warm area with almost neutral soil pH.

The usual part of the Saluyot plant that is edible and used mix in foods is its leaves. Some of the nutrients that could be acquired from  the leaves of Saluyot plant are calcium, iron, protein and B Vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.

Biko and Mango

I just want to share that I am craving this paired yummies today, right now.

This was our afternoon snack during the “Forum on Emerging Media: Role of Citizen Journalists, Bloggers, Online and Mainstream Media Practitioners”. Speaking of which, I haven’t blog about it yet. Grrrrr…

Anyway, happy Sunday!

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Spanish Raita

Ain’t it real sweet to think of having some Puerto del Carmen holidays to spend with family, friends or even any loved ones and spending a night or two with this cucumber mint Raita as shown in the image below?

Puerto del Carmen is one of the tourist destinations in the island of island of Lanzarote in Canary Islands in Spain. Some of the tourists’ spots in the area are beaches, bars, shops and not to mention, restaurants.

As a food blogger, and a travel blogger as well, if I am given a chance to visit Puerto del Carmen on a holiday one day with together with my family or friends or any, even with my M, I surely would go to the nearest vegetarian restaurant in Puerto del Carmen. And I will surely blog and blog and take photos of my foods and even how voracious I could eat with those yummy treats in Puerto del Carmen. Smiley

Anyway, talking about the cucumber mint Raita in the image above, I lurk over the internet on how this is being prepared. But I am not sure with Spanish-style Raita, what I found is still the originally prepared Indian-style Raita.

By the way, raita is another term or name for a yogurt condiment which originated in India. But it has also been prepared already worldwide.

Image above is lifted from Cucumber Minta Raita.

Liebster FOOD Blog Award

LIEBSTER is a German word which means LOVE. Talking about Liebster FOOD Blog Award, it would simply denotes your FOOD blog is being loved. Smiley Ain’t it?

And since I received this Liebster FOOD Blog Award from Jackie, I guess, I presume, Jackie loves me! Smiley

Anyway, this is actually a tag posting where in if you were tagged in a post, you need to follow the mechanics in posting the award.

Well according to the rule as what was passed to me, if you have less than 200 followers, you are entitled to give that blogsite an award such as this particularly if you like to read their posts. So without further due, here is my list of 5 blog sites I enjoy reading:

Please pass it to your chosen five bloggers with less than 200 followers and link back to the blog who granted this award!

Am I allowed to disobey the rule? Smiley Here are my Food Blogger friends that I love much with their food blogs. They’re not just 5 but 8.

..I just love them, that’s why! Smiley

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