Pub Crawl in your Own Home

If you’re determined to build a place in your own home that’s perfect for hanging out, having friends and family over for some drinks, and that has just the right mood and lighting, a home pub space can be perfect.  Not quite a home bar, a home pub attempts to merge the spirit of fun associated with going out to the local bar with the laid back, more casual atmosphere of your home environment.  Below, we’ll provide some tips on how to set up this home pub area, so you’re not reaching around in the dark for leads on how to proceed.

You need to start by identifying a space that works.  For some, it may be a corner of the basement.  For others, it may be that unused space on one side of a very large kitchen.  Regardless of what space you use, there are a few requirements.  First, the space must be large enough for your needs.  If you plan to have half a dozen people over at a time, that means fitting six seats or close to it around that counter or table space.  Lighting is also important.  If you can’t place the pub space near a small window, try bringing in lamps with gentle, incandescent lighting that creates a more relaxing atmosphere, and avoid ultra-bright lighting at all costs.

Next, you need to worry about furniture.  Unlike a home bar space, a pub at home can be centered on a small table rather than a bar countertop.  This creates a more casual environment that is simultaneously more kid friendly as well.  You can have spaghetti night at a pub table with family while enjoying some wine just as easily as having a party with beer and close friends, whereas a home bar might only be best suited for the latter.  As for seating, go for dark wood bar stools and avoid stools that swivel, as that feels more bar-like than the approach you’d be going for.

Last, try to personalize the space.  Pint glasses with the family name or crest on it will make for creative decorations, and you can always add a glowing sign for your favorite beer (as long as it’s not too tacky and doesn’t clash with the overall appearance of the area).  Keep it about little touches, rather than having to dramatically overhaul everything, which will keep the space intimate and prevent you from going over the top on either design or spending.  After all, no one wants to go broke creating a home bar space that was meant to be a positive addition to your home.

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