Food Holiday Vacation

Are you looking for cheap holidays all inclusive packages like with food, accommodation, transport services and more? Oh yeah! Same with me; I am looking for one also.

This coming weekend, if you haven’t known it yet, I and my family will be spending the weekend together in the beach. And As early as now, I am already lurking over the internet some good deals on holiday vacation packages most specifically those cheap holidays all inclusive beach packages. Why beach packages? It is all my mom’s choice. I don’t want to spend, honestly, longer time under the heat of the sun because my migraine might attack me in no time. But as I have said, it’s my mom’s choice and for my nephew and niece too. My mom also said that the two kids need some relaxing beach to spend while having their semester break from school. They are both aging four now, and very enthusiastic in attending to school.

For me, personally, I wish to spend the whole weekend in a foodie-filled holiday vacation. Smiley  I know I eat voraciously especially when I am stressed from countless exams in school. At this moment, I really am, that’s why I want food fest in my table. Smiley

However, seems like things has been set for a weekend beach vacation for the family already, I need to get myself prepared for this.

Image above is lifted from Brain Food: Food Miles.

Sizzling Marinated Blue Marlin

It’s Sunday once again guys! It’s time to share our yummiest food servings!

Mine here below is a Sizzling Marinated Blue Marlin which I ate on Monday, October 10, 2011 at the  Mooon Cafe in Robinsons Cybergate, Cebu City.

Sizzling Marinated Blue Marlin from Moon Cafe


Aside from the fact that fishes are healthy foods, the sizzling marinated blue marlin was also very lusciously tasteful during that time I was craving for one. This is really a must try.

Have a yummy Sunday everyone!

Last Minute Cheap Holidays but Not with Foods

When I and Ernhez, my classmate in medical school, went and dine at one of the restaurants in Busay, Cebu City, where I saw some beautiful land architectures of the city, those made me thought of having a vacation – a holiday vacation with my family or friends not in the usual beaches or watery places but to mountainous one.

Aside from delectable foods, Philippines is also vast in tourist spots where even Filipinos are getting strange at. Personally, I haven’t toured the whole Philippines yet. I really want to explore the beauty inside the country before grabbing any opportunities to fly abroad. In fact, I have been planning to go there and every where else I could imagination to go to in the country. But my only problem is my schedule. I can’t insert a day or two, which are not enough for a vacation, from my medical schooling. However, when it comes to budget vacation, I could even go and utilize last minute cheap holidays. That doesn’t matter for as long as yummy foodies are not being compromised. As I have been telling before, I am very picky with foods and I have a lot of allergies to some foods, the reason, perhaps. But talking about vacation and holidays, even the cheapest one, I could go for it.

As of now, I have no other things stuck in my mind but any cheap holidays. Smiley My mom is planning for a beach vacation, though that is not what I wanted by now, but at least mom do, we may instead go for a cheap holidays in the country.

My Masflex Pasta Cooker Set from Yummy Magazine & Summit Media

Finally, after more than two months of waiting, my winning Masflex Pasta Cooker Set from Yummy Magazine and Summit Media has arrived in my kitchen on Thursday, October 13, 2011.

Pardon me with my image above. I immediately took a picture of my new Masflex pasta cooker set from Yummy Magazine and Summit Media as soon as I have touched it. Haha!

I actually have won this Masflex pasta cooker set from the Yummy Deals of Yummy Magazine June 2011 issue.

So guys, if you want to win any Yummy Deals from Yummy Magazine, get a copy of the Yummy Magazine issue this October 2011, and join.