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Dinner at ‘Mr. A’ Restaurant in Busay, Cebu City

Last night was an unexpected dinner for me and Ernhez, one of my classmates in medical school. After our exam in the afternoon, that was around 3 o’clock, Ernhez fetched me from my apartment for us to look for restaurants where we could have our another voracious meal.

We drove to a number of restaurants around Cebu City yesterday. To our disappointments, most of them do not prepare early dinner yet. So Ernhez decided to bring me to a restaurant where I haven’t tried a dish yet. He brought me to Mr. A restaurant in Busay.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have had the chance to take pictures of the place because that dinner just so happen randomly. We just ate there. The foods are scrumptiously enough for our cravings.

I ordered a sizzling Bangus, milkfish, and a teriyaki chicken for myself. While Ernhez had a sweet and sour fish and the calamares. Every food tasted really awesome, very appetizing also with their preparation. However, during the night, at around 7 o’clock, the area where we dine at seems very dark anymore. The restaurant doesn’t have outdoor fire pits that could even make the area  well-lighted.

Stylish outdoor Fire PitStylish outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits, the one looking like in the above image, are best fitted and designed for outdoor dining especially during the night. Aside from lighting the dining area, it also adds more romantic hue to the area for lovers, family and friends while dining.

I suggest, Mr. A restaurant should get outdoor fire pits next time.

But over all, the food and the area were good good.

Vegetables Help Fight Genetic Diseases

A new published research study explains that eating healthy food like fresh fruits and vegetables could help lower the risk of developing genetically acquired heart problems.

Eat vegetables more!

Don’t you now hesitate to eat more fruits and vegetables from now on.

Have a very healthy meal guys!

You can also try to check at for other information.

Eat Well, Blog Well

Eating is one of the most important things a man should do to for survive as part of his physical body’s needs.

For bloggers, eating shouldn’t be missed especially on completing online tasks. One couldn’t think well if nothing is inside the stomach. For the brain to work well, should one eat well and for bloggers to blog well. However, eating is not just merely eating alone. The quality and quantity of foods to eat should be taken into consideration also.

A healthy eating, for me, is less with carbohydrate meal but is protein-filled. A half of cup white rice is enough with a fish and fresh vegetables and fruits are all right for my meals a day. I don’t eat meat, so fish preparations would be enough. White rice is, basically, the good source of carbohydrates while fishes provides protein. Fresh fruits and vegetables gives other vitamins and minerals the body needs.

This is somehow the same as through with blogging. Blogs need to be taken care of like the body for it to be reproductive online as possible. Aside from the beautifully-designed blog themes installed, very good contents posted,  being indexed in many networking sites, a blog should also be hosted to quality web hosting service provider.

Website hosting, or for bloggers, a blog should be hosted to assure security of blogs and websites from being lost over the internet. In lurking for hosting sites, one should consider the dedication to clients of website hosting provider especially on the safeness and securities of the blogs. This means the quality of services providers on hosting. There are many websites over the internet that enumerate a number of quality yet just so cheap hosting sites that a blogger should check by.

Oh well, have you eaten already? Should you blog then! Smiley

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Vegetarian Pizza: Spinach Mushroom Pizza

For how many months of sharing vegetarian foods here, this is my first time to share vegetarian pizza. Smiley

Sbarro’s Spinach Mushroom Vegetarian.

When it comes to pizza, I am very picky where to dine at because there are only a few restaurants in the country that offers a very delicious and really scrumptious pizza. Not to mention, Sbarro, gives the most appetizing one, well, that’s just yet for me.

Ain’t looking hungry. Haha! Smiley

Indeed not so hungry! Smiley

Have an appetizing Sunday everyone and great week ahead!