My Favorite Food Network Shows

When I went home, two weeks ago, to our farm town, I forgot that it has almost been a year since my mom got rid of our Cable TV.  There is no good television shows in any room including the living room.  There is a TV, but when I was about to change the TV channel in my mom’s room when I remembered the channel selection wasn’t all that great. I found nothing on the screen, but mosquito-like sparkling black dots dancing in front of me.

Sad reality, but true; I missed the foodie TV programs on Food Network.

Food Network is one of the many US-based TV shows about different food preparations, recipes and grilling. I love to keep on track of every episodes they have. Each episode never failed to get me excited about what was going to be made or allow me the ability to make new foods.

Would you like to know what my favorite food network programs are?

My most favorite show on food network is Ace of Cakes. They talk about cakes. I like this program because I am amazed at how Duff Goldman, the host of the program, prepares cakes that, at first glance, do not look like real cakes, it is pretty amazing. One could even think of  them as toys because of how perfectly shaped, colored and styled cakes are.

Betty White and the Morris Animal Foundation Cake by Duff GoldmanBetty White and the Morris Animal Foundation Cake by Duff Goldman

For instance, by just merely looking at the cake above, no one would know that this is a real cake.  Every aspect of the cake is edible.  You probably won’t even believe this is a cake unless you were to take a spoon full of it and eat it!

Duff Goldman has really amazing hands for those wonderful looking cakes.

My next favorite show is Good Eats. For me, everything prepared and shown on this TV program is really good eats!  The foods being prepared are typically and usually something easily made at home in your kitchen. Chicken preparations, is one good example, like Chicken Fried Steak, Curry Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Kiev and Fried Chicken are what we usually make at home. Most of the ingredients used are just the basic ingredients found in the fridge or any area in the kitchen. Good eats, indeed.

Aside from the fact that the foods are prepared in a very most typical simple ways, Alton Brown’s way of sharing these foods is fun and entertaining.  He bring is the aspect of science to his food.  It is just about how to make food, but what makes food taste good.  It is better for you to find out more, go watch it!

The last but not the least program that I am watching is Secrets of a Restaurant Chef. It has been one of my wildest dreams to get a degree in culinary arts and to be known in the cooking field. But I guess, the kitchen, itself, is the one that doesn’t like me anymore.  I know how to cook. But I am not a master at any food preparation techniques.  One can ask me to fry an egg but only that, nothing more. That’s why I am very eager to learn some secrets of a restaurant chef even just through this food network program.

I really enjoy these shows.  I know there are a lot more, but this is enough this time. I will share more of my fave TV programs next time.

Cheesy Maja Blanca

This year’s vacation holiday for me from school is one of the unexpectedly enjoyable holidays I have. It is because the whole family have had enough bonding moments. We were just six in the family, regardless of the extended ones, my mom and dad and we – the four siblings. My brother and sisters are all working professionals already and with our different busy schedules, one could think that it would be very impossible for us to get-together aside from Christmas seasons. It was just a quick gathering for us, like a day or two, though, but at least, we did!

Anyway, so much with those dramas, and don’t worry much because I will be sharing other stuff what the family did last week in my personal blog. In here, I will show you, one by one, some foodies that we have prepared.

I have here the cheesy maja blanca that was served during my cousin, Maggie’s birthday on October 31, 2011 which she celebrated at home. Her mom was the one who prepared this maja blanca.

Cheesy Maja BlancaCheesy Maja Blanca

Sorry guys if I can’t share how to prepare this one. I was asleep when this one’s being done. When I woke, I just saw my cousin’s classmates in our living room already. Haha!

Have a cheesy yummy Sunday everyone!