Grilled Fish Ala Pobre

Yesterday was my classmate and a close friend in medical school’s birthday, Jaymineth. Smiley Even though I wasn’t really feeling good yesterday and haven’t fully recovered yet, in fact, I was still feverish yesterday, I really attended her bashful lunch celebration together with other classmates and friends from medical school.

We dine at Casa Verde Resto located near the Crown Hotel, here in Cebu City. Since I have had hard time to swallow hard foods yet, I just opted to order this softly-cooked grilled fish ala pobre.

Grilled Fish Ala PobreGrilled Fish Ala Pobre

As mentioned above, the fish was grilled enough not too hard but really soft. If I wasn’t wrong, it was garnished with oil and added with minced garlic. The fish meat was so tasty – enough to my salty choice of taste.

Unfortunately, when I about to ask the waiter to what specific fish they prepared for me, he refuse to tell and just deny that he didn’t know what the name of the fish was. I just wish to know it because I am thinking of suggesting the grilled fish to be prepared this coming holidays at home. And oh, talking about holidays, I am actually wishing to find cheap holidays package deals or even hotels reservation for the upcoming Christmas party of the BisDak Bloggers in CDO. Hopefully, before the event day, I could find one.

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