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It’s been a while, I guess, that I haven’t updated my food blog’s posts. I was just so busy with a lot of things. One of those things were the revamping some techie stuff — plug ins and other tools of this blog which made me forgot to post veggie and other food updates.Honestly, I have had hard time sparing a backup data of my blogs because I have no enough knowledge in doing so and reading alone online posts and articles gave me more headaches.

Much of my eagerness to learn and for the benefits of my blogs, I stumbled upon top windows backup online. The site actually provides details and information about windows backup services. It explains how useful to do backups of data especially, in my part, for my blogs that is very prone to online hazards. At least, if a backup data has been stored offline, whatever happens to my blogs online, I could easily revamp and make my blogs  alive again because I have already kept a file and copy of the contents of my blogs.

Up until this moment, though I have read a number of articles about doing backup files of online stuff, I am still learning more and more to do those. But at least, I have learned something and I am comfortable enough to work with my blogs online because of my spared offline data.

Nonetheless, I am still trying to update this food blog and share more about healthy veggie foods.

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  1. zoan says:

    ako din, i am having some problems updating my food blog too:( wala ako masyadong na po-post 🙁 will join a lot of food memes para ma entice tayo? what you think? ehehe

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