Sinulog 2012 Effects

The recent Sinulog festival brought life to the Queen City of the South, that is Cebu. Restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, inns, pension houses and others were all filled up with tourists and visitors all wanting to witness the grand mardi gras. My mother and I were among the thousands of visitors and spectators of the colorful parade in honor of Sto. Niño. At the malls, even the food courts were jampacked with revelers and people from all walks of life. Even the socialites who wore Grey and Osbourn’s van Dal shoes took part of the annual festivity, not minding the throng of people and crowd who filled up the chairs and tables of food houses.

Sinulog 2012 EffectsSinulog 2012 Effects — Lunch at Larsian Fuente Circle, Cebu City

It was somehow difficult to find seats for us to dine especially when the parade ended and when champions were declared. But thankfully, we, ladies still managed to dine at one of our favorite restaurants. Even though the place was full, we were still able to fill our hungry stomachs with sumptuous food.

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