Food Blogging Again!

If you noticed it, I rarely post about food stuff like recipes, food health benefits and other articles lately. If I did, only an image of a food I posted but no details because I’ve gotten busy in school and my personal life.

Now, I am ready to get back in food blogging again. Though I am not sure how ready am I, but at least, I could make on-time updates to my food blog. I am also planning to make necessary blog template and theme renovations on this if time allows me.

Talking more about blog make-over, I will not just change the physical look of this blog, but maybe the web hosting too. My current web host server is just alright. I mean, I don’t have any problems with this. However I want to have this food blog a dedicated or static IP this time.

Browsing over the web which is web host suits my needs — cheap yet reliable hosting, less downtime problems and a friendly customer service assistance, I found It has a list of web hosting sites that answers to what I was looking for. It is actually a website that is free to be accessed by everybody. Hence, a free guide for proper searching of web hosting sites.

For now, this is yet what I will accomplish. I will take things in single pacing at a time.

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