Health Benefits of Okra or Lady’s Finger

If I were to choose between Ampalaya or Bitter Gourd and Okra or Lady’s Finger, I surely choose Ampalaya. Though it tastes bitter, as its name implies, but cooking or preparing it in a proper way, could prevent it from tasting bitter. Unlike Okra, whatever way you cook it, it is always slimy. That is the very reason why many do not prefer Okra and so I am.

Β Steamed Okra (Ladies Finger) with Ginamos (Salted Fermented Fish Fry)
However, knowing the health benefits of Okra or Lady’s Finger, I’d probably force myself to grab two or three pieces of it.

  • Lady’s Fingers are good source of probiotics, the Good Bacteria. Probiotics, basically, help synthesis B vitamins in the digestive tract.
  • They are excellent laxatives, hence, prevents constipation.
  • Helps in healing ulcers and acid reflux.
  • Helps prevents colon and rectal problems and cancers.
  • Helps control and reduce cholesterol in the body.

So now, are you decided yet to include Okra in your diet? Try Steamed Okra (Lady’s Finger).

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13 Responses
  1. Wow! Looks so YUMMY AND HEALTHY!! I love okra!

  2. genny says:

    same here…i prefer ampalaya than okra..oh well, ampalaya is my favorite no matter if it taste bitter than the usual taste…:-)

  3. adaah says:

    Ohh my Okra… my parents love this one and so I am. Even though its slimy I still like it. I dont mind the slimy thing..

  4. yuuki says:

    there are several veggies banned on my plates, one of which is okra even though i know of it’s health benefits…

  5. I actually hate okra, especially for its saliva-ish texture. But since I now know its health benefits, I might just have to force myself in eating a few. ANyway, love ko din ang ampalaya! =))

  6. Didn’t know lady’s finger is english of okra. πŸ™‚

  7. hahaha mas masarap ang obra pagprito……

  8. Lizzie says:

    I love eating okra and i know that it’s very good for our health. Thanks to my parents for introducing veggies to me.

  9. marri says:

    this is our favorite vegie nespecially on sinigang na special spare ribs or pinakbet.

  10. Matsumoto says:

    I’m more ok okra than ampalaya naman, but I miss both! Informative post, thanks!

  11. Stacy says:

    Oh my first time I’ve heard of its english name! cool!

  12. Sumi says:

    I don’t like eating okra.. πŸ™ I find it too slimy. Hope I learn to eat more veggies.. I don’t eat ampalaya din kasi.. >.<

  13. rachelle says:

    i love okra! one vegetable i really miss. i just buy frozen ones here. they are only available in asia shops and they’re not the same as our okra. πŸ™

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