How to Blog Food?

I never thought I could blog about food; I mean I can do food blogging.

I only started with one blog, that was almost 5 years ago, my personal blog. It was yet a free-hosted blog, free domain but later on, I realized I wanted to have my blog a brand. I wanted to have a signature that is just for my blog alone. So I decided to buy my own domain, a very unique one which I believe that whoever encounters such domain could only point no one but only me.

But last year, I started adding new blogs with different topics. One of them is this food blog of mine, Oh Gosh Gulay. This is a self-hosted WordPress food blog. At first, I have hard time learning WordPress but with the availability of tutorials online like the how to blog tips and tricks from, WordPress blogging made me easy then.

Sugar-coated Deep-fried Banana

Sugar-coated Deep-fried Banana

Yes! For a year now of blogging with using the WordPress platform, though I cannot say that I am already an expert on this, but at least, my knowledge in blogging using WordPress is already advanced.

Now, I am only left with one problem. I still do not know how to make my photos of foods presentable to look at. Take a look at my image above, that is a sugar-coated deep-fried banana I ate yesterday. What do you think of that?

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  1. Valine says:

    Nice shot! Same sentiments here, I’m a newbie in food blogging to but I’ve been wanting to do it for so long. Thank God that I was finally able to do it and now I’m hoping to catch more readers from time to time. Your blog looks fantastic by the way and there’s a lot to learn from here. You can always be better everytime, practice does make perfect. More power and goodluck!

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