Being a vegetarian doesn’t have to be boring!

Vegetarianism is becoming more common as people become more aware of where their food is sourced, how, and their religious orientations. But a lot of people who do feel the need to go veggie, don’t because they think that the food will be bland, boring and all the same. So many chefs and food companies are trying to tackle that by making food more exiting, whilst still upholding the non meat rule. Yet even though lots of people know that this is starting to happen, they do not know enough to get them interested in it, and that is where I come in to help.

One great tip to keep food tasty and veggie is to replace meat such as beef and poultry with different Quorn flavors. It does taste similar but with the benefits of it being healthier and suited to vegetarians.

Also there is the classically mocked Tofu, which is often mistaken for a tasteless soy milk mush. But in actual fact many companies have taken the bland Tofu and added natural flavorings to make it more enjoyable and appealing.

And those are only but a few among many, others consist of ;

Seitan ( also known as ‘Wheat meat’ as it is made of wheat gluten),

Paneer ( a hard, meat like central Asian cheese),

Tempeh ( a soy based product from Indonesia)

Textured Vegetable Protein (also known as TVP, TSP and Soy meat)

But as well as their being meat replacement, there are simply the dishes that chefs have worked vegetable in a way to make them exotic and tasty.

For example, one of my favorite is the classic Greek yoghurt, salad dish called Tzatziki. It consists of Greek style yoghurt, mint, cucumber and various seasoning. It takes about 10 minutes to make and is really easy too.

If you would like a pre-packaged option for convenience then a Weight watchers promo code does just the job!

Another would be the Patatas Bravas, a Spanish dish that consists of cubed potatoes with a spicy tomatoes topping, a very flavorful and exotic meal, if you’re up for the preparations.

If you want a treat then have a tasty cookie thanks to Davids cookies coupon codes, enjoy!

Stuffed red peppers make up a very tasty meal also. It is a whole red pepper, cut in half, emptied and then filled with rice, onion, cheeses, and various spicy seasonings, a nice, filling and balanced meal for vegetarians, but unfortunately not vegans due to the cheese aspect.

Welsh Rarebit is a nice, quiche like meal that is in essence, bread topped with cheese and baked. Simple but elegant

None of the both has to be expensive, especially if you utilize the whole range of coupon codes that are available to use.

So being a vegetarian does not have to be all pasta and broccoli for the rest of your life, you can have exiting, different and down right tasty meals for less fat and salt, and less cost. But of course people should always remember to get their protein from other sources such as nuts and meat replacement as this is a significant part of a balanced diet.

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4 Responses
  1. genny says:

    i tried to be a vegetarian but i just cannot sustain it…maybe because I am used to meat ones.. after reading this…i might try again soon or health reason..

  2. Nabeel says:

    I almost vegetarian. Hehe.. ridiculous huh? I mean.. I eat meat only because my family forcing me to. please search ‘Avial’ in Google. it’s a vegetable dish from south India

  3. imriz says:

    i might have a hard time pulling a vegan life. geez! i am a carnivore, lol

  4. imriz2 says:

    second time here for another url. hope it wont bother u 🙂

    have a happy Easter.

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