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Brazo de Mercedes at Bluewater Sumilon

I always love desserts and one of which is Brazo de Mercedes. So, when I and M along with our friends went to Bluewater Sumilon, an island resort between the islands of Negros Oriental and Cebu province, I didn’t let our day tour passed by without trying their tempting and really mouth-watering Brazo de Mercedes.

Brazo de Mercedes is a jelly-type rolled cake. But I often associate it with a log cake that is filled with creme on the inside and rolled with meringue rolls.

The Brazo de Mercedes that we tried in Bluewater Sumilon was served with sugar cream and cookie honey sugar. M loved the cookie honey sugar much that he even asked the restaurant crew how they prepared it, the ingredients and where to buy them so he could try one himself too. Funny, he was. But he was very serious when he asked it because he knew that I love Brazo de Mercedes and he wanted to prepare one for me. Sweet, isn’t he? But the crew refused to share and I just told M to buy bouquet of flowers for me instead. Perhaps I could tell him where to buy them, those lovely flowers I always love to have.

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Tahô, Anyone?

Every time I hear a peddler, commonly known as Magtatahô, coming near my crib early in the morning with his buckets full of tahô, I almost always grab then my cup to buy a serving or two of tahô. In fact, it became my breakfast the past month.


Tahô, by the way, is one of the most common Filipino street foods made from soft tofu mixed with brown sugar and vanilla syrups. More often, the tahô is served with condensed milk and pearl sago or tapioca.

Would you believe that the peddler became my friend and every time he drops by my apartment, we sometimes talk about his tahô. One time, I asked him how to make tahô and being such a friend, he shared then. Though I haven’t grasped all of what he shared, what stayed in my mind was about the sugar they used. I threw him a joke if they already have tried using brad sugars. He just laughed at me because he knew that there were no such brands of sugars named as such. I just told him that I was just joking.

Moreover, Brad Sugars is not a brand of sugars but rather a personality, one of the most well-known men in the business world.

Getting back to tahô, accordingly, it is a good source of protein since tofu is made from soy beans or soya beans which we all knew are best source of protein.

Sizzling Bangus (Milk Fish)

It is supposed to be a time for shopping for new pairs of shoes for M. But after roaming around the men’s shoes department and saw a poster advertisement of Treksta footwear that is available and be shopped online, M opted to check the website online instead. So we ended up savoring the very hot and delightful Sizzling Bangus (Milk Fish).


This Sizzling Bangus, as it’s called in the local dialect, was I guess, marinated first with soy sauce and other food spices like pepper, salt and more. It was then fried and sauteed and was served in a sizzling platter with sliced half-cooked garlic on it.

Mouth-watering, isn’t it?

Banana Turon (Banana Lumpia)

One of my favorite snacks to grab in any hour of the day is Banana Turon; spells turrón in Spanish.

Banana TuronBanana Turon

Banana Turon, as its name implies, is made of slices of banana. If am not mistaken, those slices of banana were dusted with brown sugar. These bananas were rolled in a spring roll wrapper and deep fried.

This is my entry for Blog Photo Challenge.

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