Brazo de Mercedes at Bluewater Sumilon

I always love desserts and one of which is Brazo de Mercedes. So, when I and M along with our friends went to Bluewater Sumilon, an island resort between the islands of Negros Oriental and Cebu province, I didn’t let our day tour passed by without trying their tempting and really mouth-watering Brazo de Mercedes.

Brazo de Mercedes is a jelly-type rolled cake. But I often associate it with a log cake that is filled with creme on the inside and rolled with meringue rolls.

The Brazo de Mercedes that we tried in Bluewater Sumilon was served with sugar cream and cookie honey sugar. M loved the cookie honey sugar much that he even asked the restaurant crew how they prepared it, the ingredients and where to buy them so he could try one himself too. Funny, he was. But he was very serious when he asked it because he knew that I love Brazo de Mercedes and he wanted to prepare one for me. Sweet, isn’t he? But the crew refused to share and I just told M to buy bouquet of flowers for me instead. Perhaps I could tell him where to buy them, those lovely flowers I always love to have.

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