East London Dining

When one thinks of London cuisine, one is constantly reminded of the diversity of the city itself. The different cuisines of London’s various communities are perhaps best manifested in East London – in the midst of this rapidly regenerating area, you’ll find authentic delights from the world over that are sure to change your view of dining in London.

East London Dining (image source and credit)

Perhaps the best-known culinary destination in East London is Brick Lane, home to innumerable curry houses, pubs and bars, making it London’s prime territory for Indian and Bangladeshi food. It can be hard to choose one establishment among the masses of options, but you’re likely to enjoy a first-rate meal whichever restaurant you choose, with diverse menus incorporating modern and traditional dishes.

East London is by no means restricted to curries, however. One restaurant in Bethnal Green takes advantage of its hip location to bring classic French dishes to East London. Committed to serving ingredients and wines of the highest quality, and yet remaining surprisingly affordable, this restaurant has gained a reputation for top-quality food, without any of the extravagance that characterizes many of Central London’s hallmark restaurants.

East London’s regeneration has brought about an emphasis on retail, most obviously in the mammoth new Westfield Stratford City, which boasts around 70 places to eat! A day’s shopping is never complete without somewhere to enjoy a wonderful meal, and those who find themselves lured to Westfield will love the range of restaurants on offer, which cater for all tastes – whether you’re a fan of Vietnamese street food, Spanish tapas or Argentinean steak and chips.

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