Stay Healthy, Eat VEGETABLES!

There’s no other reminder but to eat fresh fruits and vegetables my mom used to do for me to stay healthy. But of course, this should be accompanied with a healthy living like no vices — no cigarette smoking, hard liquors, and keeping myself off from a sedentary lifestyle. In short, I need to exercise, keep myself moving and take those sweats out.

Oh Gosh Gulay

For one and only reason that I’ve learned and what has mom told me, being sick is not easy and nowadays, it is very costly. Though there are health insurances which are just easy to avail and apply for, take an example, the no health check life insurance offered by, still, prevention — preventing oneself to get sick and staying healthy is the easiest and simplest thing to do not to get sick.

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  1. I definitely agree with this. Veggies are best choice specially if you are dealing with cholesterol problems. Make sure to have this everyday in your meal. Also it is best to advice your kids to eat them too and avoid fast foods.

  2. Often physicians believe that their overweight patients simply lack will power and discipline and thus they withhold medications that might assist them with weight loss.

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