How to choose Veggies from the Grocery Store?

One afternoon, it was just a random strolling in the mall for M and I when we passed by at the grocery store and saw a couple who brought with them their little kid. The guy was a foreigner while the woman was a Filipina. They caught our attention when the guy almost raising his voice addressing to the woman like how will your head roll about walker of their baby if they will bring their baby inside the store.

I didn’t mind them more and just opted to continue what I and M were doing when suddenly, and again, the guy’s voice raised again and asked his wife how to choose veggies from the grocery store. The couple ended up like arguing about choosing veggies. LOL!

String Beans, You Want?

On the last week of April 2012, I have shared about the Sauteed String Beans I and a friend, Aicy, had in one of the Filipino restaurants in Dumaguete City. Yes! That string beans was truly a delightful one for me.

Recently, not in Dumaguete City, just in Cebu, I and M decided to try out a buffet lunch where string beans menu was served. I wasn’t sure how was it prepared, but not being sauteed. In fact, I and M argued what the dish was at first because it looked very different from the usual string beans. He said it looked like a Rotosound guitar strings while laughing. So I tasted and tried it myself and proved it was indeed string beans but cooked in a different way.

Since our buffet lunch was unplanned, I didn’t mind handing with me my precious Deborah nor taking photos of what we have eaten using my mobile phone. I just want to apologize I can’t share to you images of foodies and vegies today. Maybe, next time, I will really include images in my posts.

Pistachio Nuts

Pistachio nuts are loved.

Among other tree nuts but not rivet nut, Pistachio is my most favored nut to pick. Aside from the fact that it is a good source of protein, its natural taste is really what I am looking for.

Pistachio Nut (image source and credits)

Other benefits pistachio nuts provide are its potential to help reduce the low density lipoprotein (LDL) and it also help increase antioxidants in the blood.