String Beans, You Want?

On the last week of April 2012, I have shared about the Sauteed String Beans I and a friend, Aicy, had in one of the Filipino restaurants in Dumaguete City. Yes! That string beans was truly a delightful one for me.

Recently, not in Dumaguete City, just in Cebu, I and M decided to try out a buffet lunch where string beans menu was served. I wasn’t sure how was it prepared, but not being sauteed. In fact, I and M argued what the dish was at first because it looked very different from the usual string beans. He said it looked like a Rotosound guitar strings while laughing. So I tasted and tried it myself and proved it was indeed string beans but cooked in a different way.

Since our buffet lunch was unplanned, I didn’t mind handing with me my precious Deborah nor taking photos of what we have eaten using my mobile phone. I just want to apologize I can’t share to you images of foodies and vegies today. Maybe, next time, I will really include images in my posts.

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