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Angry Bird Cake

It was already more than a month ago but I still wasn’t able to blog about the foods during my nephew’s birthday, Baby Abong. It was actually his second birthday celebration which was held at home.

Since Baby Abong really loves angry bird games and stuff so much, for his birthday, he was given this angry bird cake.

Angry Bird Cake

Pardon me guys with my image. It doesn’t have a very good quality. I just actually took this from the Facebook account of my mom.

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Japanese foods are not really my best choice of foods. But if I’m served with these really mouth-watering piles of sushi, why not grab that momentous servings then?


 Anyway, this was taken during our (M and I) buffet dinner. Smiley Yes! I am in-loved with buffet meals. LOL!  But never mind asking me how to properly eat sushi, I honestly admit, I really do not know! I just used to hand myself each sushi, I don’t use chop sticks. Smiley

Jack Fruit Meat Salad

If you used to follow this food — vegetable blog of mine, you’d surely knew that I love to eat vegetable salads. These salads are not those that what we usually could buy in any food chain or restaurants, but these are home-made salads.

So today, here’s Jack Fruit Meat Salad which is one of the many salads that I am craving to have at this very moment.

Jack Fruit Meat Salad

But guys, just pardon me if I can’t share to you how to prepare this. As what I keep mentioning before, I am just a foodie, an eater, LOL, but never a cook nor have hands to prepare tasty delicious foods at home.

But as far as I know, this Jack Fruit Meat Salad is made of jack fruit meat mixed with other vegetables like tomatoes and spices like garlic.

Friday is Grocery Day

Fridayis Grocery Day. That is my usual routine for how many years.

Grocery (image source and credits)

However, since I moved in here (in my new place) I need to change my weekly routine also because I still have classes during Saturdays. Hence, Saturdays now will be my grocery day.

On the past Saturday, I was just alone doing the grocery. And so, I had enough time for myself to roam around the mall before diving in to the supermarket. Believe it or not, it took me too long in sporting for outdoor speakers which I just realized that I don’t really need it much than indoor speakers. I just totally out of plan not until M called me and asked how my grocery went on.

Well, that was what happened on Saturday. Tomorrow, hopefully, I could give myself another day at the mall, not just to do the grocery but to relax as well.

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