Jack Fruit Meat Salad

If you used to follow this food — vegetable blog of mine, you’d surely knew that I love to eat vegetable salads. These salads are not those that what we usually could buy in any food chain or restaurants, but these are home-made salads.

So today, here’s Jack Fruit Meat Salad which is one of the many salads that I am craving to have at this very moment.

Jack Fruit Meat Salad

But guys, just pardon me if I can’t share to you how to prepare this. As what I keep mentioning before, I am just a foodie, an eater, LOL, but never a cook nor have hands to prepare tasty delicious foods at home.

But as far as I know, this Jack Fruit Meat Salad is made of jack fruit meat mixed with other vegetables like tomatoes and spices like garlic.

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