Chicken Terrine

How do you find this food presentation below?

Chicken Terrine

That food is named Chicken Terrine. I took that image when I and some friends had a buffet dinner in one of the known hotels in Cebu City. Actually, at first, I really didn’t touch any part of the food until I took a photo of it. It was then I thought that foods like these — prepared and set like this, deserves to be tasted and judged not just on the way it was presented but also on how it tasted.

True enough! This Chicken Terrine tasted deliciously even more how it was served. Very mouth-watering!

Cinnamon Bread Slice

Cinnamon bread is one of my most favorite breads. I am very choosy when it comes to bread. Pardon me, but most of the breads that are sold in the market cause me suffer from abdominal irritation that sometimes leads to gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. But with cinnamon, I don’t feel any irritation and discomfort over my tummy. In fact, I could even consume one whole bread of cinnamon myself.

Cinnamon Bread Slice

What about you? What bread types you love and prefer to burp? Do you also suffer any tummy problems with breads?

Paksiw na Ulo ng Isda (Fish in Vinegar)

Isn’t it pretty obvious? I am just missing home that is why I am posting almost but not all foodies here that are best and most commonly prepared at home.

Have you tried Paksiw na Isda or Fish in Vinegar? You can read my post about that foodie I had. Just feel free to click the link. But for now, though the one I am thinking of sharing to you is still a Paksiw na Isda, this time, it is more specific to be a Paksiw na Ulo ng Isda.

Paksiw na Ulo ng Isda

Accordingly, the tastiest and yummiest part of a fish especially when prepared as a paksiw is its head or the ulo. Ulo is a Filipino term of the head. I found it myself real tasty as well. But I cannot find any reasons or think of any possible reasons why it is thought to be such.

If you want to try and prove it yourself, prepare and cook Paksiw na Ulo ng Isda (Fish in Vinegar). For the procedures on how to prepare Paksiw na Ulo ng Isda (Fish in Vinegar), you may visit How to Prepare Paksiw na Isda.

Gourmet Gift Baskets for Anniversaries

Your wedding anniversary is just around the corner. Husbands – don’t ever let that special day pass unremembered. And don’t just merely give your partner a gift just for the sake of doing it. You may tend to be clueless most of the time but picking out a gift doesn’t have to be a great challenge.

A personally hand-picked set of gourmet gift baskets for anniversaries might do a trick for women who love to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Sometimes all it takes is a little amount of your time and energy. That could include sitting down with her while watching a good movie together. A gift to her doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Often, it is the simple, spontaneous gifts are the most memorable ones.