Churros con Tsokolate at Tablea Chocolate Cafe

As what I’ve always been telling, one of the things I am always missing from Cebu City is their varied food stalls and foods itself. Yeah! If you wish to try different foods, one should better check Cebu City.

Anyway, the Tablea Chocolate Cafe which serves Churros con Tsokolate is the very first chocolate shop where I tasted original really tasty original cacao beans.

PhotobucketChurros con Tsokolate at Tablea Chocolate Cafe

One of a serving of a Churros con Tsokolate at Tablea Chocolate Cafe consist of a cup-full of very delicious tablea chocolate drink and a 3-piece churros sticks.

Many said it is not good to drink more than a cup of the tablea chocolate drink since it can abruptly elevate blood pressure. But for me, a cup of it is not enough. I usually consume 2 servings of Churros con Tsokolate. Well, no one can blame me, the chocolate is really yummy and worthy! Smiley

PhotobucketTablea Chocolate Cafe

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