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Organic Lettuce from Tagaytay

During our weekend getaway in Tagaytay, as we were about to leave the Peoples Park in the Sky, a group of women vending for Organic Lettuce caught my attention. It was not actually the women, but the lettuce they are selling where the one really caused me to halt and even asked them of what they were selling.

Organic Lettuce from TagaytayOrganic Lettuce from Tagaytay

When I first saw the vegetable, I didn’t thought it was Lettuce not until they mentioned that they were selling organic lettuce. I have not asked any thing more about the lettuce and how they grew them. I just took a photo of it since it looked really appetizing. Isn’t it?

Carrot Loaf

M was chatting with his colleague about employment background checks and the like when he saw a discount voucher for a carrot loaf from a group buying sites online. Upon checking it, the store is just located near my place so we immediately grab two (2) discount vouchers.

Carrot LoafCarrot Loaf

The above image shows the carrot loaf that we bought using the discount voucher. Just three (3) days after we bought the voucher, the carrot loaves were already in our table.

By far, it tasted good and very delicious.

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A Platter of Japanese Foods

As I have mentioned before, Japanese Foods are not really my choice but if given a platter of Japanese foods, of course, I would love to give a bite to them. Take a look at my platter below which I took in one of our buffet dinner in an Asian restaurant.

A Platter of Japanese FoodsA Platter of Japanese Foods

They are all bite-size, right? And enough for a chopstick also. But I am no good in using chopsticks so I actually ate these by hand. LOL!

You want some? πŸ™‚

Vegan Mung Bean Soup

Choosing the healthy diet, eating the right food are just some of the things I always keep in my mind when I was in Cebu City. I could say that because of the nearest Vegan restaurant in my apartment, I was able to maintain and control the foods that I consume. This Vegan Mung Bean soup below that I am sharing here, this reminds me of those days that I and M were sporting for homes for rent in fayetteville nc. Oh! I mean in Metro Manila and not in NC.

Vegan Mung Bean SoupVegan Mung Bean Soup

Here in my new place, I could always break eating healthy foods because of the unavailability of Vegan food preparations. And In as much as I wanted to prepare my own food, I still cannot because we are not allowed to cook here. I just wish I could find a Vegan restaurant near here soon.