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Korean Noodles Recalled In China

The Xinhua news agency reported that the China’s consumer quality watchdog has recalled instant noodles from South Korea due to carcinogenic content, benzopyrene.

Korean Noodles Recalled in ChinaKorean Noodles Recalled In China (image from

The KFDA confirmed the detection of benzopyrene in the six (types of) noodles. We are blocking the inflow of the noodles as such products do not meet China’s quality standards” a Chinese official said.

This is also to inform everybody to keep an eye always on the imported foods that we are sporting from the groceries. If you suspect any carcinogenic contents, better get rid of those food and report to the legal person immediately.

Fresh Bibingka at Bibingkinitan!

Filipino or Pinoy delicacies always tempt to crave a box or more. These include the very famous Bibingka, or Rice Cake from the Philippines.

But this time, I will share to you one of the most common Bibingka shops here in my place, the Bibingkinitan!

Fresh Bibingka at Bibingkinitan!Fresh Bibingka at Bibingkinitan!

Pardon me if I can’t share any recipe on Bibingka. I have not tried making one nor seen any making and preparing this. I just love to eat Bibingka. Smiley

Bibingkinitan!A shelf of Bibingka at Bibingkinitan!

For the second time, pardon me, for I forgot how much each fresh Bibingka costs. LOL!

Bibingkinitan! StoreBibingkinitan! Store

But this one’s for sure, this store image above was taken at SM Southmall, Las Pinas Bibingkinitan! store.

CBTL Carrot Cake

If only all vegetables can make into a cake, then all must be my favorite then.

By far, my favorite vegetable cake is this carrot cake. This is the reason perhaps why the first cake I almost always look for in any cake houses or coffee shops is carrot cake. But this time, I will have you here a carrot cake from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf or CBTL.

CBTL Carrot CakeCBTL Carrot Cake

I wasn’t sure where CBTL branch was this but what I can remember still is that during this time, I and two of my friends were trying to find promotional backpacks. And if I am not mistaken, this was on March 2012. But I am not really that sure, though.

Anyway, this carrot cake, as you can see it from the image above, was really tasting yummy and delicious. And of course, as its name implies, it is very nutritious too!

October 20, 2012 is Sweetest Day!

The “Sweetest Day“, accordingly, is said to be every third Saturday of October. Hence, today is the “Sweetest Day“.

October 20, 2012 is Sweetest Day!October 20, 2012 is Sweetest Day! (image from

This is not just merely baking, cooking or preparing any sweet foods at home but it all started as giving foods and sweet presents to people who you cared much of and those kids in the orphan and more.

So today, let us make this October 20, 2012 as the “Sweetest Day“.