Yoghurt Party on My Birthday

Even I myself can’t really explain why I love yoghurts much. Be that yoghurt is of any kind, any flavors, any brands or packages, I still love to munch one. And if you’ll give me a dozen or two, or even a truck loaded with yoghurts, I would never feel unweighted and not tempted to take all those for myself.

Moreover, in this birthday of mine, I would love to have a Yoghurt Party for myself.

Yoghurt PartyYoghurt Party (image from bitofthegoodstuff.com)

Yes! You heard it! I want yoghurt party! However, in as much as I wanted it to be realized, it still can’t be. First thing’s first is the fact that I don’t have much materials and equipments here in my place which are needed in making a yoghurt. Of course, I don’t want to have a yoghurt party wherein all yoghurts served are instant and just from the grocery. Second is that I don’t have enough time to prepare yoghurt. I know it takes quite time to prepare ingredients, hence, I better have my birthday yoghurt party a wishlist still, for now.

Anyway, M beeped me last night and asked what gift I would love to receive. With no hesitations, I told him I want to have Army coins. He asked me what and how do Army coins looked like. I just laughed then cause even I myself haven’t seen Army coins yet and that perhaps my only reason why I wanted Army coins from M on my birthday. Hmp! Wondering now what he’ll give me on my birthday. Do you have any wild guesses to what M’s birthday pressie for me? Smiley

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