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Popping Corn for the Family

The weekend is coming. You want to spend it somewhere with your family but you’re out of extra cash. What to do?

Well there are plenty of things you can do on the weekend without spending that much or even not spend at all and still enjoy the company of one another in the family. It has been a Filipino custom to prepare something a little special for everyone to feast on to either for lunch or dinner during weekends. It’s more like of a quick gathering especially if you have a family member who work or study away from home and whom you can only be with on weekends. It’s gobbling while chit-chatting like no other.

Another way of enjoying a weekend for less is through watching a movie at home together. But before that, how about letting the kids watch some popping corn in the kitchen first? Perhaps a big bucket or two for the whole family would do. Pop corn and a movie have been working great together.

Many would say watching a movie wouldn’t be the same without it. Wouldn’t you? Sometimes we just need to stop spending money even just for a while and see how it feels great not to end up having an empty wallet on a weekend.

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Alcapone J.Co Donuts at J.Co Donuts and Coffee

It was yet my first time to try out Alcapone J.Co Donuts in Alabang Town Center, Alabang. I used to hear my friends and relatives saying that this is yet the tastiest and most delicious donut in the country. I think so too. I have not tried other flavors though, but I guess, the donut was really tasty and undeniably mouth-watering.

Alcapone J.Co Donuts at J.Co Donuts and CoffeeAlcapone J.Co Donuts at J.Co Donuts and Coffee

But what’s even sweeter is when you see your boyfriend who too excited to sport for a scott kay mens’ ring and of course, not to forget, its pair for women for their wedding. I am not saying this because I’ll be getting married soon, but I just heard a couple at the J.Co Donuts shop Smiley talking about their planned wedding while munching their Alcapone J.Co Donuts also.

Stir-fried Tauge (Bean Sprouts) with Vegetables

I missed home-style foods since I moved in my new place. So what I did, I really tried hard to look for vegetables that are  foodies that are usually prepared at home. And one of which is this Stir-fried Tauge, or the Bean Sprouts, with Vegetables.

Stir-fried Tauge (BeanSprouts) with Vegetables

Stir-fried Tauge (Bean Sprouts) with Vegetables

I don’t have any idea how my mom prepares one this at home. But the image above was just bought from the hospital canteen. It tasted good and just enough for my craving today.

Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino

I have a friend from medical school who doesn’t drink coffee. Everytime she does, she always has palpitations and subsequently, difficulty of breathing. So everytime we take a break and decided to have our “us” time together, she always have a cup of Green Tea Frappuccino in Starbucks Coffee shop.

Starbucks Green Tea FrappuccinoStarbucks Green Tea Frappuccino (image from

I haven’t tried myself this Green Tea Frappuccino from Starbucks Coffee yet but I was able to slurp other Green Tea mixes from them. For me, they all just tasting real good but definitely not enough to handle my sleepy head. I still always prefer a shot of espresso or any brewed coffee then.

One time, I remember, when we decided to review for an exam at the coffee shop, I threw my friend a joke about her headphone which was really big, it’s as big as Sennheiser Headphones that could even cover the whole ears which somehow caught my attention because that was the first time I saw her having it on while studying.

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