Alcapone J.Co Donuts at J.Co Donuts and Coffee

It was yet my first time to try out Alcapone J.Co Donuts in Alabang Town Center, Alabang. I used to hear my friends and relatives saying that this is yet the tastiest and most delicious donut in the country. I think so too. I have not tried other flavors though, but I guess, the donut was really tasty and undeniably mouth-watering.

Alcapone J.Co Donuts at J.Co Donuts and CoffeeAlcapone J.Co Donuts at J.Co Donuts and Coffee

But what’s even sweeter is when you see your boyfriend who too excited to sport for a scott kay mens’ ring and of course, not to forget, its pair for women for their wedding. I am not saying this because I’ll be getting married soon, but I just heard a couple at the J.Co Donuts shop Smiley talking about their planned wedding while munching their Alcapone J.Co Donuts also.

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