Popping Corn for the Family

The weekend is coming. You want to spend it somewhere with your family but you’re out of extra cash. What to do?

Well there are plenty of things you can do on the weekend without spending that much or even not spend at all and still enjoy the company of one another in the family. It has been a Filipino custom to prepare something a little special for everyone to feast on to either for lunch or dinner during weekends. It’s more like of a quick gathering especially if you have a family member who work or study away from home and whom you can only be with on weekends. It’s gobbling while chit-chatting like no other.

Another way of enjoying a weekend for less is through watching a movie at home together. But before that, how about letting the kids watch some popping corn in the kitchen first? Perhaps a big bucket or two for the whole family would do. Pop corn and a movie have been working great together.

Many would say watching a movie wouldn’t be the same without it. Wouldn’t you? Sometimes we just need to stop spending money even just for a while and see how it feels great not to end up having an empty wallet on a weekend.

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