Lead Found In Imported Rice in America

M has been worrying about his laptop computer and used to ask me how to reformat hard drive so that he can just do his laptop on his own. I personally don’t have any ideas on how to reformat hard drive, so I just browse over the internet some keys on doing it. However, in the middle of my research online, an alarming news about rice halted me from what I first worked on.

The news article says that there’s a worrisome levels of lead found in imported rice in America after a research was done lead by Tsanangurayi Tongesayi in Monmouth University in New Jersey. The rice analysis results showed that rice consumed in America has higher than acceptable levels of lead. These imported rice came from Asia, Europe and South America.

This research on rice made me think if the rice that is imported in the country from other Asian countries does also contain lead?

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