Musical Instrument Cake

I am not really a food techie but I just love to blog and share what foods I’ve eaten, I’ve tried cooking and preparing and of course, those food also which I haven’t tasted yet but really wanting to prepare them myself. And one of the latest food cravings that I have is the musical instrument cake which I first saw in a friend’s birthday party.

Musical Instrument CakeMusical Instrument Cake (image from

The musical instrument cake above was not the cake I’ve seen and tried a spoonful from a birthday party of my friend. But it was looking like that. See? Isn’t that so cute and really beautiful cake which every music lover would love to receive on their birthdays. Right?

So, for any birthday of music lover friends, this is a great idea a gift as an alternative when budget is too tight. Instead of thinking to buy instruments at guitar center as a birthday presents, you can have this musical instrument cake.

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