Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day 2013

How I wish there’s a Ben and Jerry ice cream shop in the country, and much even more in the nearby locality, so I can stop for a free cone from them.

Ben and Jerry's Free Cone DayBen and Jerry’s Free Cone Day (image from

Yes, you heard it! Ben and Jerry offers free scoop Smiley of any ice cream flavor to their respective costumers today, April 9, 2013. Isn’t that a great and exciting deal? Smiley

Well, if you have spotted any Ben and Jerry ice cream stall in your place, don’t hesitate to visit them today and grab a scoop of ice cream!

Maintenance Works at the Kitchen

The kitchen I have here in my new place is just too small and enough for a studio-type room for single occupancy. And since I still have a few more days free from another loads of busy days, I am thinking of working on my kitchen because the sink is somehow cloggy and the faucet is leaking.

Maintenance Works at the Kitchen

Maintenance Works at the Kitchen (image from

But I only have one (1) problem; I don’t have much of the materials and equipments I need to have. I asked the building caretakers if they can provide or lend me some, since I am also paying for the maintenance of the unit, they said they can but I need to wait for two (2) to three (3) days because they need to talk to the owner first. With that said, I thought of just purchasing my own equipments. Though a bit pricey, but at least, at anytime I need one to use, I can just easily grab from my toolbox then. A friend of mine suggested checking which, according to her is one of the many reliable online industrial shops.

However, M disagreed with my idea. He instead told me to wait until he could visit my place so he’ll just the one to work on this which I found a better idea than mine. LOL!