On Moving To New Home, New Kitchen

Since it is summer in the country, it is the best and perfect time to some house renovations and even moving to another house. Hence, I chose this very time to look for new place to move in and glad enough I found one. Though I am not ready to move into the new house because it still need some renovations especially in the kitchen which I planned to change the wallpapers, I am readying my things packed so that anytime I could move in, everything are up and ready.

Moving to New House, New Kitchen

The first thing I packed from all my things is my books and other educational materials. I need to secure them and assure that during my moving out from this place, they all are still intact and in good condition. I also made sure to double their packaging with plastic cover inside the box because though it is summer here, there are unexpected rainfall and I am afraid my academic stuff will get damaged because of the rain. The same thing I did with my electronic gadgets. After I placed them all in their original boxes, I packed them with plastic and bubble covers to secure them not just for the rain but for possible bumps inside the mobile storage during transportation of my stuff.

For now, here in my old place, I haven’t packed my kitchen wares and some personal stuff because I am still waiting until the new place get fully renovated and really welcoming to me. I am hoping I could move in not later than this week before I’ll fly next week in our province.

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