Guitar Cake

I had been longing to master baking and one of the cakes I wanted to try out baking is a guitar cake. This is because most, if not all, of my friends are music lover — they loved to play instruments, specifically guitars.

Guitar CakeGuitar Cake (image from

I know it is not easy to bake and design this kind of cake, but with passion and determination to come up with a perfectly designed cake like the one above, it is still possible.

I actually shared this idea to one of my friend and she’s so excited to taste how good the guitar cake would be. In fact, she’s suggesting a specific guitar model which I should use, the baritone guitar. It is a bit difficult, I assume, but I’m sure I can make it. But of course, the idea of buying directly the said guitar, could make us even save on baritone guitar at guitar center if and only if she really wanted that guitar than making it to a cake because I would really have hard time doing it then. But hopefully, I can make one.

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