Ballet Dance Cake

One of my friends invited me for a dance recital of her younger sister in school. Smiley She also asked me what could be the best dance recital gifts she could give to her sister. And of course, because of my love of cakes, I included dance cake in one of my suggestions to her.

Below is just one of the dance cakes I found very suitable for her sister as one of her dance recital gifts.

Dance CakeDance Cake

There were actually more than five (5) dance cakes we found online, but this one above caught my attention more than the other four dance cakes. This is because her sister will be performing a ballet dance so this would be a great cake idea then. Isn’t it?

For the cake flavors, I suggested chocolate cake on the first layer, a velvet flavor on the second layer and for the third layer will be her sister’s choice. Hopefully, our plan will turn out really great.

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