Restaurant Repair

It was a typical fine day when M invited me to dine out and when we get there in a local restaurant, we didn’t noticed that a part of the restaurant was actually being closed for repair including the second door where we usually enter.While waiting for our orders to be served, we heard the manager talking to the workers discussing about materials to be used that are still in-style and colors still fit to the over-all hue of the restaurant. I also heard them discussing for some phenolic round knobs to be used as replacement of the broken knobs on the drawers of the kitchen tables and a lot more.

Restaurant RepairRestaurant Repair (image from

Having those heard, M mentioned why they still operate where in fact there are people working on the repair of their restaurant. But because we love their foods much, I just didn’t react more.

Hoping the restaurant will operate fully as soon as they could.

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