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Easiest Method in Making a Lemon Zest

Lemon Zest is just one of the many spices in the kitchen which many thought difficult to prepare but is just so easy. Lemon Zest is used to be a flavoring to many desserts and other food preparations which I also tried in our own kitchen.

So, here’s the simplest and easiest method in making a lemon zest.

Lemon ZestLemon Zest (image from

  1. Wash lemons thoroughly.
  2. With the use of a peeler, scraper or zester, scrape thinly the peel of the lemon.

Just that easy! You now have lemon zest which you can use as flavorings to your food preparations.

Dining while working

Working double time is becoming normal nowadays with the fast-paced world we live. I remember when I am dining in one of my favorite restaurants, a client messaged me and informs me that she wants me to edit and print her purchased design and have it shipped to her place.

Dining while working

I was in total awe while reading the message because we are continents apart and it is impossible for me to print and ship her order, as it would cost her double and even more. With this in mind, I think of having eoncode web to print solutions part of my little design business so I will never lose an income again.