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Looking for Cheap Baking Materials

I am not a cook nor a chef. But rather an ambitious cooking housewife. That exactly I am. Waashing Smiley LOL! So with that being hooked in the kitchen, I want, as much as possible to make my little favorite place complete with equipments in cooking specifically in baking. That is why, I am making the best of looking for cheap baking materials online and checking them also in the malls. In fact, every time I hear ‘on sale’ and ‘promo’ periods in the malls especially those just in the nearby, I made sure to stop by a minute or so.

Cheap Baking Materials

Since it is Chinese New Year celebration today and a holiday in the country, I had time earlier to check by in the mall to look for cheap baking materials. What I wished to grab earlier were different molding pans like the brioche molder at different sizes and cake tin pans with different shapes. And of course, I also wanting to grab an electric mixer because, I tell you, it isn’t that easy to mix cake mixtures manually.

However, I didn’t notice I was already on the lingerie section and my aunt was already pointing on the cheap lingerie the mall was offering ‘on sale’. I just then told myself that shopping for cheap baking materials was not the right time yet. Maybe some other day will do, but surely, not today.

Tikoy or Nian Gao for Chinese New Year 2014

One of the foods you surely hear every Chinese New Year celebration in the country is the Tikoy or the Nian Gao.

Tikoy or Nian Gao

Tikoy is a glutinous rice flour. I don’t exactly know how to prepare this one but I just heard Tikoys can be served steamed. But many said it can be cooked in a pan and stirred until thick.

For this Chinese New Year 2014 celebration, I wish to receive a box of Tikoy or should I just buy one for the family.

Coffee Conversation

When I knew I was pregnant, the very first thing I asked myself was “how will I survive with no coffee?”. After months of having a balloon-like tummy and up until now that I don’t drink coffee, I just thought and even made things clear in my mind that I really can live without coffee. But I honestly miss having a mug of coffee with me while having some chitchats to friends or even just making myself feeling relaxed. In fact, one boring morning, I asked M if I can stay in a coffee shop for an hour or two. He first got somehow mad because he thought I will have a cup of coffee there. But when I explained to him that I only need the aroma of the coffee and I won’t get some cup of it, he allowed me then.

When I was there in the coffee shop, I seated after a table of two men who were, I thought, musicians since they were having with them some instruments and that’s what they were talking about too.

Coffee Conversation

Since M didn’t go with me, I just made sure to make myself enjoy the coffee-aroma in the coffee shop though I just ordered hot chocolate. I actually just browsed the internet using my iPad, read some magazines from the shop and I also tried to listen to some chitchats of the people around me especially the two musician men. They were actually talking about new musical items they plan to buy and even mention tech 21 amps. Being me so lonely at one side, I just commented and talked to myself saying you can actually save on tech 21 at musicians friend online, so you better check on it them. I just smiled to myself then.

That morning was just one ordinary day but just made special because of the cup of chocolate and those aroma of the coffee I sipped in while enjoying my solo moments in the coffee shop. How I wish I could do it again alone.

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Philippines temporarily bans China poultry shipments

Just recently after an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in Heibei province, the Philippine Department of Agriculture temporarily bans import of China poultry products. This is to prevent from possible infection or transmission of the said virus to the country.

China Poultry Products

The poultry products from China which are temporarily banned are meat, day-old chicks, banned eggs and semen. The department has not announced until when this banning of products be, but will surely update the public.

For the minimum time, we need to cooperate with the Department of Agriculture for our own safe.