Looking for Cheap Baking Materials

I am not a cook nor a chef. But rather an ambitious cooking housewife. That exactly I am. Waashing Smiley LOL! So with that being hooked in the kitchen, I want, as much as possible to make my little favorite place complete with equipments in cooking specifically in baking. That is why, I am making the best of looking for cheap baking materials online and checking them also in the malls. In fact, every time I hear ‘on sale’ and ‘promo’ periods in the malls especially those just in the nearby, I made sure to stop by a minute or so.

Cheap Baking Materials

Since it is Chinese New Year celebration today and a holiday in the country, I had time earlier to check by in the mall to look for cheap baking materials. What I wished to grab earlier were different molding pans like the brioche molder at different sizes and cake tin pans with different shapes. And of course, I also wanting to grab an electric mixer because, I tell you, it isn’t that easy to mix cake mixtures manually.

However, I didn’t notice I was already on the lingerie section and my aunt was already pointing on the cheap lingerie the mall was offering ‘on sale’. I just then told myself that shopping for cheap baking materials was not the right time yet. Maybe some other day will do, but surely, not today.

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