Velvet Cupcake for New Year 2014

I just tried myself preparing and baking velvet cupcakes for the family to be served on the New Year’s eve 2014.

However, velvet cupcakes are supposed to be red-colored cakes but because I was one of the unlucky shoppers who missed out red food coloring from the grocery, my mom suggested a yellow food coloring instead. The yellow food coloring is just so timely for our yellow-themed new year 2014 celebration.

Velvet CupcakeMy Yellow-Velvet Cupcakes

The cupcakes still tasted so buttery but only its color is not velvet red. It’s definitely a yellow velvet cupcake for the new year 2014 for us. But at least, I have made one and served it on new year’s eve together with our other round or circle-shaped foods.

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