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Food and Music on Valentine’s Day

Though I wanted heart-shaped cakes on Valentine’s Day, we ended up having Bicol Express then. But I still didn’t miss the more enjoyable stuff my immediate friends and I seized yesterday, the bunch of foods and of course, music — videoke, we had.

Music fun was  not actually part of the first plan to do on Valentine’s Day. But when one of our friends keep n bobbing his head while his head phones on and we found him enjoying his moment, we just then joined with him and made some noise at home. Other than music, we also watched a movie and do some chit chats as well.

Bicol Express for Valentine’s Day 2014

Since I can’t go out for dinner when my colleagues planned one for Valentine’s day, they then just ended up cooking at home and we then dine together. But because of the very limited time to prepare for the Heart’s Day, they decided to prepare Bicol Express.

Bicol Express(image not mine — just a presentation of Bicol Express)

I personally do not know how they prepared the really spicy and very inviting Bicol Express. But one thing I was sure of, it was really sumptuous and drooling to look at.

Pardon me for having missed taking even one picture of the Bicol Express my friends prepared. But the image above is somehow the same to what they had at home.

Heart-shaped Cakes

It’s Valentine’s Day 2014 today and it’s good to share sweet food and drinks especially those heart-shaped cakes to some friends, families and our loved ones. So here, today, I will be sharing heart-shaped cakes I loved to try out this Valentine’s Day.

Ube-flavored Heart-shaped CakeUbe-flavored Heart-shaped Cake

Ube is one of the foods I loved to eat and even more it is used as flavoring to ice creams and cakes. So today, this Ube-flavored Heart-shaped Cake, is a must try for every couples.

Velvet Heart-shaped CakeVelvet Heart-shaped Cake

This is another a-must-try for every couple — the Velvet Heart-shaped Cake. It’s one of the newest flavors today and also very unique, as well.

Strawberry-flavored Heart-shaped CakeStrawberry-flavored Heart-shaped Cake

Strawberry-flavored foods are not my stuff but having a slice of it today is something a good idea to do. What do you think?

Anyway, the above cakes are my choices for today’s big heart day celebration. What’s yours?

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Picky Eater’s Prize For Eating Veggies

I have a picky eater at home. My son do not like the taste of veggies and majority of fruits. Lately I decided to let him eat veggies to let him have the enough nutrients he needs for the day. We always ends up with an argument every time I let him eat vegetables or fruits other than Apple.

However, we all know that a serving or two of vegetable everyday will keep our health at bay. Therefore, I decided to push him into eating vegetables. I really find it hard but I did let him eat bits by bits and I am happy with that. I am thinking of preparing a prize when he totally eat vegetables and since he is into music I am planning of buying him an exciting PRS electric guitar.

This is a guest post from Wil.

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